In my continuing effort to not fully accept this reality, I have chosen to not purchase special bras and fake breasts. I searched the Internet for “DIY breast forms”, and I discovered a great website originally intended for the cross-dressing culture. The basic plan was to get flesh colored knee highs and flax seeds. You fill the socks with flax seeds and arrange them in your bra to give the illusion of a bust line. Sounds easy!

So I went to the Sprouts Farmer’s Market on my way home from the plastic surgeon’s office and purchased a bag of 100% organic flax seeds. I knew that I had some new navy blue trouser socks at home, so figured I was all set.

I waited until I was alone and I got out a funnel, the socks, and the seeds. I began to fill the socks. One funnel full seemed kind of small, so I added another funnel full. I guess I ended up with about two cups of flax seeds in each sock. Then I put on a bra, stuffed the flax socks inside, and put on one of those wife beater type tank tops.

Mirror time…gasp! Shock! Awe! I looked like a porn star! I’m curvy–hips out to there, little waist, and then OMG, XXX on top. I was mortified and then I laughed. Laughter, at this point in my recovery, was not common and quite painful. But it really was funny to see. I ended up reducing the fakes by half, and then I felt like I was a little closer to normal.

I never saw myself needing to do this DIY project, but I’ve really learned a lot. Don’t measure your flax seeds without trying a little at a time. And trouser socks can take the place of knee-highs. And organic is the way to go, especially if you want to live the cancer-free lifestyle.