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Note: file this one under “Rants”

I. Cannot. Believe. This.

My insurance does not cover cranial prosthesis. The bastards over at Blue Cross Blue Shield will not chip in for a wig. The plan is made possible through my association with TRS–the TEACHER Retirement System of Texas. Did you catch that? TEACHER. As in over 70% of teachers in America are women. Women! As in BREAST cancer! Heck, any cancer–chemotherapy–Hair loss!

What IS covered is mastectomy bras and breast prosthetics. They will pay for fake breasts but not fake hair. This seems so unjust to me. When all of the bills come in for just the mastectomy surgery, they will have paid out about $50,000. That amount doesn’t cover the eventual reconstruction surgery. I am going to have chemotherapy AND radiation–probably $20,000 for each therapy. I see that I am very lucky to have insurance that will cover this, but wouldn’t kill Blue Cross and TRS to pony up and extra $250? How about $125? This really makes me all riled up. My doctors aren’t exactly in my neighborhood, causing 60+ mile round trips several days per week…the gas money alone is killing the old bank account. It’s not like I have extra cash lying around for stupid cranial prosthetics. I just wanted to soften the blow of living with bald, and I found a good place that will measure my head. And I found my exact color. And the wig stylist guy was so much fun. 😦

I contacted the American Cancer Society and they provide free wigs. I imagine that these are leftovers from Cher’s closet or factory seconds. Not quite brown, but not really orange either–and probably smelling faintly of squirrels or feet. They probably have classic older lady helmet styles or Tina Turner spiky hairdos. The lady said that Pantene donates wigs to them every year, so maybe the hair will at least be shiny. I’m sure I will end up with something appropriate, it’s just that this seems so unfair. I plan on writing letters to BCBS and TRS letting them know how I feel. I won’t be able to do anything for myself, but maybe someone important will read my words and realize that women (and men too I guess) need this little bit of dignity called hair. After surgery, recovery, horrible side effects, chemicals to make me better while making me sick, facing my own mortality, scaring my children for life…is a little help with a wig too much to ask?

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