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I recently read an article that had me grinning from ear to ear. It turns out that someone somewhere did a study on the potential of red wine to aid in treatment of breast cancer patients. The red wine supposedly can mimic what drugs like tamoxifen do–inhibit the hormones that feed the dumb breast cancer tumors.

You can read the article here: Red Wine Prevents Breast Cancer? I’ll Drink to That!

I have a few comments about this study:

1. Why, oh why, couldn’t I have been a part of this? The women had to drink 2 glasses of wine every night for 30 days. This is an assignment that I am willing to undertake.

2. There are other studies that show that red wine is good for your heart. Two birds! Heart disease AND breast cancer!

3. It turns out that the study only included 36 women. That doesn’t seem like enough. (read Red Wine and Breast Cancer-Play It Safe)

4. What about the research that shows that alcohol can increase hormone production, therefore giving the tumors the food they crave?

Conclusion: if two glasses of wine daily equals cancer, but one to two glasses a day equals a healthy heart, can I assume that one glass, enjoyed every Friday, taken with a small plate of good cheese and fancy crackers, will promote some kind of good health? (MENTAL health, at least?)

And in other wine-related news, another dear friend gave me this FABULOUS painted wineglass! Do you love it? I love it.