When the whole world came crashing down around me (Jeremy in the hospital), my friends and co-workers came together and started planning a BBQ benefit to support my family. In just 7 days, they mobilized forces and put on a 500 plate BBQ that completely sold out! There was a bake sale, a raffle, and KVUE news showed up to cover the event! I saw former students, parents of students, co-workers, school board members, business owners, the sheriff, and more friends than I knew I had. I know some of these people quite well, some just because we work for the school district, and some I met for the first time. People that don’t even know us were willing to help. What a blessing to have so many come out and support our little family! Elgin, Texas really knows how to come together and make things happen.

You can see the news clip here: http://www.kvue.com/news/Central-Texas-residents-come-together-to-help-Elgin-family-137329533.html

I’ve been stubbornly hanging on to the last few hairs on my head, and I’m glad. That hat really works with hair. Not so sure how it’s going to look with a blank scalp.

Screen shot of the video on KVUE’s website:


Due to this event, we are going to have help covering the crazy costs associated with the stupid illnesses that have decided to infiltrate our lives. I can’t even begin to tell you how this will help to remove at least some of the burden. I already have medical offices calling me every few days seeking “payment in full”. If I’m struggling WITH insurance, what do people without insurance do? Just not pay? I feel like we HAVE to find a way to pay, especially since I’m going to be with these offices for quite some time. (But the costs associated with my treatment shall be saved for another post. I am HOT under the collar about the outrageous dollar amounts charged for healthcare.)

The fundraiser is a clear example of love and friendship and helping someone in need. My friends and family can’t cure me or Jeremy, but they sure can FEED us and make sure the bills get paid. I feel a little guilty about all of this attention and help, and I don’t feel like I can ever re-pay my dear friends…but Jeremy wisely said, “You’re right, you can’t re-pay them. But you can help support the next neighbor in need when the time comes.” Smart, right?

So thanks, Elgin family. You all (or y’all as you like to say) are the best. I mean it. THE BEST. XO!