Yesterday marked chemotherapy infusion #2. I would like to stay it was easier, but it was also harder at the same time.

My arrival:


My motivating t-shirt:


First of all, I had way less stress about it this time because I knew what to expect. My blood pressure looked great and my white blood cell counts were back in the right place. Dr. D did mention that the last few times I’ve had my blood drawn (including yesterday) that my liver enzymes were high. They were normal when I first saw him on October, but the pre-first-chemo blood test and the two I had after that showed that my liver is working hard. I think it’s due to all of the drugs I’m putting into my body.. My liver is like, “Hey kid! Slow down, I’m barely muddling through in here!” So since I can’t stop taking the various meds, I’ll have to help myself by eating better and fitting in some exercise. Is it just me or is DIET AND EXERCISE THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING? (sigh, eye roll, snort)

The hard part was that I felt fatigued a lot (not “alot” which isn’t an actual word) more fatigued this time. The whole appointment–labs, doctor, chemo–lasted from about 11:30-4:00. As each new poison medicine dripped into my veins, I swear I could feel my energy waning. My mother-in-law was right, this is like a savings account where you withdraw often, but the deposits are few and far between (you know, like my REAL $avings account).

One bit of good news is that I saw someone my age this time! I actually met her at the Look Good, Feel Better class I went to that is offered by the American Cancer Society (a post on that coming soon). Her hair is falling out this week, and I think she’s going to shave her head too. I don’t exactly know why, but it is sort of comforting to know that I am not an anomaly as far as chemo goes. Once she left I was the baby in the room, but at least I had a good hat.

Luckily, I am halfway through the treatments. Only two more to go. The most frustrating part of this is that the two days before infusion #2, I actually almost felt normal (only to be filled with poison medicine again) which I would like to attribute to the drugs working their way out of my system, being able to think about other things since I was a Busy Bee at work, and to the outpouring of love and help we’ve received from friends, family, neighbors, and total strangers. The positive vibes from everybody has really bolstered my spirits and helped relieve stress. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

So if this is anything like last time, I will suffer the next few days and then try to ease back in to work on Monday. As long as Jeremy stays out of the hospital and the kids don’t catch on fire and the house stays standing, I think I’ll survive. Plus, I have this new cute puppy (birthday present) to help me recover.

Meet Maggie Mae!