We added another 5K race to the memory book this weekend by participating in the Run for the Bluebonnets 5K in Bastrop, TX. Chemo #3 left me void of energy and will, but I managed to get out of bed, lace up my shoes, strap on my fake breasts, choose a playlist, and make it to the race.

Even though I didn’t technically win in any real category, I’m pretty sure I won in my own made-up category: Working to Keep it Real Even Though Chemo Has Made Me Feel Like Crap. I was hesitant to even agree to enter this race, but I sort of gave in because I figured I could at least attend and cheer for my family even if I couldn’t participate. But somehow, some way, I managed to get my tortured body through the course. Don’t be confused though, there wasn’t any real running on my part–just jog two minutes/walk one minute intervals. I even managed to finish well below my goal time. (And I beat 2 out of my 3 kids!)

While on the course, I really enjoyed myself. I had my music (LMFAO, P!nk, Journey, Kelly Clarkson, Van Halen, Black Eyed Peas) and I had nobody around me. I didn’t have to be I charge of anything, I didn’t have to make any decisions, and I didn’t have to think about my stupid bald head. I am a recovering Only Child, so the few moments that I get to be alone are something to cherish. It’s not that I don’t love my family, friends, and colleagues, but sometimes I just need everybody to shut up and leave me alone.

(I think I should add a little smiley here to lessen the ouchiness of that last sentence…)


February to May is typically “racing” (“participating” is more accurate) season for my family, and I’m glad we’re continuing to add memories this year. Honestly, we could run 3.1 miles on our own at any time, but there’s just something fun about wearing a race number and crossing a finish line. And this is normal stuff, not CANCER stuff. Normal is good. Plus I won in my fake category. Success!