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Last week I went to the initial fitting for the Art Bra fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Resource Center. Of course, radiation was particularly backed up that day so I didn’t leave Texas Oncology until 5:15… And I was supposed to be downtown at 5:00! But Jeremy pointed out that the best excuse for not showing up on time to a cancer related event was cancer related therapy. I guess he’s right.

I arrived with another woman which made me feel better about being late. We walked into the BCRC library to see tables filled with the most amazing bras I have ever seen. (if you want an idea of how creative people can get with bras, try Googling “art bra” and click on images…wow!) I was met by a woman who told me, “welcome! The room is full of naked ladies trying on bras!” I went over to the tables and had no idea where to start. At first it was kind of intimidating since I don’t really fill out any kind of bra that well. And getting naked with mastectomy scars in front of strangers? Yeah right. I was wearing one of those strappy, form-fitting tank tops, and I figured I could judge the fit even with that on. I tried on my first bra: a masterpiece of royal purple jewels sewn into intricate flowers. I decided the tank top was definitely in the way, and besides, what better gathering of people to understand scars and tissue expanders than this particular group? So off with the top and on with bra fitting!

I tried on several entires: a Mardi Gras number with beads, coins, and feathers. A blooming bouquet of hot pink roses. A double ladybug. A light green with vines that made me think “forest nymph”. The idea behind trying on several bras was to find a good fit and a good color. One of the ladies was taking pictures of us with the bras on so the committee could later decide the best choice for each model. And our job was to pick our top three bras. Finally, I hit the jackpot when I tried on the bra titled “Fishy Fashionista”. It is blue with fish swimming around and there are these clear curly things hanging down that seem like waves. I put it down as my first choice…and I got it!


Now I need to decide what the bottom half will be. I have been scouring the Internet for something fun, and I have a few ideas. I can sew, so I might make something. I think a skirt is in order, probably some kind of chiffon–I’m thinking flowy/swishy. I’m toying with the idea of a mermaid or trumpet shape skirt, maybe in white or silver. I am curvy, so something fitted around the waist and hips and then flouncy will be the best bet for my figure. I even found a pattern for a skirt with an actual fish tail! I don’t want the skirt to be too flashy though, since the bra is the true art on display.

If you have any best ever ideas for the bottom half of a “Fishy Fashionista”, please let me know. All ideas are welcome!

This is so exciting!