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Guess what Guess what Guess what? My post, Do Not Stick a Fork in Your Boob, has been selected to grace the WordPress blog collection called Freshly Pressed. It means that some fab person at WordPress found my post out of 400,000 other posts and said, “Hey, I like that.”

Here’s a screen shot of my achievement:


Here’s my puppy with a sand ‘stache:


(Unrelated to the Freshly Pressed thing, but completely and totally cute!)

So I think this may have caught the attention of the WordPress Word Wranglers for one of three reasons:

1. I added some rad original artwork
2. I’m turning into a legit writer
3. I used the word “boob” and thus my post came up in a search for websites of a certain reputation (Wink, wink)
(Wait…did I just imply that the WordPress people are Googling porn? That doesn’t sound right at all)

Whoop! Freshly Pressed!