Who Writes This Stuff?

My name is Kendra, and I am a wife, a mother to three kids, and and educator. I am a native Californian, but I moved to Texas in June of 2006. I am usually fairly confident. I LOVE the feeling of the hot sun soaking into my skin and I plan to retire to the beach one day. I also love to laugh and joke with people, but at the same time I like deep, dark topics that really make me think.

My husband is my polar opposite. Some (probably all actually), would describe me as having a type A personality. Jeremy, on the other hand, is type X or Z. He takes things as they come and I like to plan. He eats when he’s hungry and I stick to my schedule. He hopes there is something to wear in the morning, and I set out my entire outfit the night before. If the adage “opposites attract” is true at all, we are the living, breathing example. But our differences is what makes us work. I need to let loose once in a while, and God knows he needs me to keep him on track. I could not ask for a more loving or devoted husband.

My children are three unique individuals. Cody is 13 and might be the smartest kid you’ve ever met–but don’t expect him to turn in his homework or keep his true feelings under control. The good news is that he is a natural percussionist, which we wholeheartedly support. Our middle child, Grace, is 11. She is the quintessential girly girl. She gets straight As, has a million friends, and participates in competitive cheer leading. She can be intelligent and caring one minute and emotional and dramatic the next (still unsure where the drama came from). Our youngest child, Wyatt, is 8. He is a true thinker, always quiet and contemplating things. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s usually a gem. He has played tackle football since he was 5. He is a natural athlete and pretty tough. Ultimately, our children are exact blends of our best and worst characteristics. We have learned that we are difficult to live with at times!

From the minute I entered my own kindergarten class, I knew I wanted to grow up to be a teacher. So I did. I began my career teaching a first-second grade combination class, followed by teaching kindergarten at a private school. When we moved to Texas, I taught first grade then fourth grade and now I am serving as an administrator. I love elementary school and I love the kids that go there. I love the relationships formed from working in one place for a length of time, and I love that the mommies are always bringing us food. I don’t think I would change anything about my career except to get better at doing it. (And if I could make two or three times as much money, I would not complain) 😉






12 thoughts on “Who Writes This Stuff?”

  1. Beautiful family! I have a Grace too!

  2. Kendra, thank you for sharing your stories. I am newly diagnosed (Jan 23). Just had lumpectomy and find inspiration in your stories. Great stuff.

  3. Gorgeous family 😉

  4. Kendra–you have four great reasons to jump all the hurdles. You go girl!

  5. In that case I’m like Grace…I’m an 11 year old girly girl but also an academic.

  6. Hello there. I found your blog on freshly pressed. I was wondering what “do not stick a fork in your boob” was all about. You seem positive, strong and open minded. I think you can really benefit from alternative medicine. Take care. http://phoenixtears.ca/what-it-does-and-how-it-works/

  7. Sharon Greene said:

    I want to subscribe to your blog.

  8. Kendra–I stumbled upon your blog when I was doing some research about my own breast cancer journey. We have very similar stories…I was also diagnosed at 35 and am now post treatment (except for the Tamoxifen). I am in the process of deciding whether to continue Tamoxifen or possibly have my ovaries removed. If you are interested I kept a blog the entire time I was in treatment (and still update it). Thanks for sharing your story! It always makes me feel stronger when I know that I have other BC sisters that are walking the same path along side me. Stay strong! You are a champion! Best, Jessica Gaylor Las Vegas, Nevada


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